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Many of us can relate this is a good watch ----> 

Disappearing Ink: A Tattoo Removal Documentary #REALSELF



Are you a celeb then you must be a fan of the Soprano ICE.

 Check out some of the celebs getting Pain Free Hair Free :)


Tattoo Regrets: Lovers name.  See the PICOWAY in action on       



Bush Whacked Laser is keeping up to date with the newest Alma Soprano addition.

Recently added to our laser lounge is the new Alma Soprano ICE.  Our new machine offers the same PAIN-FREE clinically proven SHR technology and In-motion techniques as our Soprano XL our clients have to come to love.  The added bonuses are the new ICE applicator that further cools the skin by integrating numerous cooling mechanisms and the larger spot size for quicker treatment times.  Contact us today to book your appointment.



Check out this video if you want  a perspective on the power behind our PICOWAY laser system.


Best Pico Laser by The Aesthetic Industry Awards 2016!

We are proud to be offering the best Picosecond Laser #PICOWAY



Bush Whacked Laser is Widening Their Scope!

For years, Bush Whacked Laser has prided ourselves on being Edmonton’s premier providers of pain-free laser hair removal. By delivering personalized service with a smile and employing only proven state-of-the-art laser technologies, Bush Whacked Laser has gained a reputation in the community as being the best at what we do. That success has driven us to expand our arsenal of energy-based systems to offer another highly sought-after service—laser tattoo removal.

We are extremely excited to introduce PicoWay™ Tattoo Removal to the men and women of Edmonton. PicoWay is easily the best tattoo removal technology of its kind, and Bush Whacked Laser is the first—and only—practice in the area to acquire this system. Other tattoo removal technologies can be painful and ineffective when it comes to removing certain colors of pigment. PicoWay operates with pulses 1000 times faster than traditional lasers, helping to ensure patient comfort while shattering even the most stubborn ink colors into bits.

If you’re living with unwanted tattoos, eliminate that ink for good. Talk to the technicians at Bush Whacked Laser about PicoWay today. Contact us or call 780.435.BUSH (2874) to book a consultation.