PicoWay Tattoo Removal

The Tattoo Erasing Machine.

Tattoos tell a story. If your tattoo reflects a past self or is just plain unappealing, Bush Whacked Laser can help. If you’re rethinking your ink but can’t decide on a tattoo removal method, let us show you the way—the PicoWay!

PicoWay Treats the Broadest Range of Tattoo Colors & Skin Types

Not all tattoo removal methods are effective, and some are more painful than powerful. While lasers have been a viable tattoo removal method for years, treatments from traditional lasers have not been known for their comfort or their efficacy in removing certain colored pigments: this is where PicoWay makes all the difference.

The PicoWay system not only delivers energy faster than any other laser tattoo removal system, providing a substantially more comfortable treatment than other systems, but it is also extremely effective in removing resistant pigments such as reds, greens and blues.                                                                                                                                                         


PicoWay Breaks Up Ink Particles Into Tiny Bits

Millennials Rush to a Better Way to #ReThinkYourInk with PicoWay
​PicoWay was voted the best pico laser by the Aesthetic Industry Awards 2016
Disappearing Ink: A Tattoo Removal Documentary featuring PicoWay

PicoWay Tattoo Removal Pricing Information

PicoWay treatment pricing is dependent upon the tattoo being treated. In order to determine your cost per PicoWay treatment, we will consult with you to fully assess your tattoo for the size and colors involved. The consult may also include a test patch to determine a certain ink’s response to treatment. We will additionally educate you on the procedure process and what to expect during treatment.

Treatment prices typically range from $90 to $600. While PicoWay may cost more than traditional lasers, the overall cost of a full tattoo removal regimen is lower because fewer treatments are needed.

While we can’t erase your past, we can get rid of what was once an indelible reminder. Ask your Bush Whacked Laser technician about eliminating your unwanted ink—contact us or call 780.435.BUSH (2874) to book your PicoWay consultation today!