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Facial Rejuvenation with NO downtime

Fast track to healthier skin with the help of sonic technology

Aging Sucks! As we gain another year of wisdom we also gain some more of those fine lines, deeper wrinkles and age spots.  We also reminisce about the nice hot vacations in the sun and those late nights out. These all do a number on your skin causing premature aging that may add decades to your chronological age.  Bush Whacked Laser can help.  We are the first to offer you the PicoWay Resolve Facial Rejuvenation Treatment in Edmonton!

Gold Standard:

  • See improvement in fewer treatments for pigmentation, skin irregularities, textural irregularities and ‘signs of aging’
  • Holographic Fractional Technology ensures precise, predictable and consistent treatment for all skin types (This technology along with its ultra-short pulses delivering acoustic waves rather than thermal energy into the dermis results in breaking up pigmentation and stimulates new collagen formation.)
  • NO DOWNTIME treatment for pigmentation, skin rejuvenation and toning
  • Gentle CO2 fractional alternative