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Edmonton Tattoo Removal Service on Whyte Avenue

Confidently come to Bush Whacked Laser to have your tattoo removed with the PicoWay laser system.

After you have researched the tattoo removal process and know what to expect, you’re going to want to find a clinic that’s a good fit for you.
Make an appointment and come see us for a consultation. We are conveniently located on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton. We go the extra mile to ensure your comfort throughout the entire process.

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Note: Tattoo Fading (for cover-ups) can often be done in two laser sessions. Complete tattoo removals require a consultation to determine what may be required. 

Picoway Laser Device

Our Equipment Can Remove More Tattoo Colors From More Skin Types

A highly effective and well-received tattoo removal laser system that provides faster removal with less pain. Lasers have been a viable tattoo removal method for years and the technologies are ever improving.

We invested in the best. Our laser system delivers energy faster while providing substantially more comfort. It is the most effective in removing the more challenging colours such as reds, greens and blues. Although there are many laser systems on the market, the system we use has the best reputation in the high-tech segment.