Laser Hair Removal (Session)

$95Bikini - Extended
$160Lower Leg
$278Full Leg
$165Upper Leg
$95Upper Arm
$175Full Arm
$95Half Face (Upper Lip, Sideburn, Cheeks & Chin)
$130Full Face
$54Upper Lip
$84Upper Lip and Chin
$80Neck Front & Back
$45Neck Front -or- Back
$35Sternum / Mid Chest
$50Abdomen Strip
$120Lower Back
$120Upper Back
$210Full Back
$195Bikini - Extended
$195Lower Leg
$349Full Leg
$195Upper Leg
$110Upper Arm
$230Full Arm
$85Neck Front -or- Back
$225Full Face
$100Beard Sculpting
$150Half Face (upper lip, side burn, chin & cheeks)
$95Abdomen Strip
$150Lower Back
$150Upper Back
$260Full Back

Laser Tattoo Removal (Session)

$90 to $600Consultation required. Consultations are free.

Facial Rejuvenation – PICOWAY Resolve (Session)

$225Face, Neck, or Hands - Includes Diamond Microdermabrasion
$100per Add-on (Face, Neck or Hands) Includes a Diamond Microdermabrasion
Please ask for additional pricing for treatment areas other than face, hands or neck
For larger areas please consult your Bush Whacked laser technician

Diamond Microdermabrasion

$75per Session per Area

If you have questions about our service, pricing call Bush Whacked laser at 780.435.BUSH (2874) or contact us online.

*** Prices are subject to change without notice ***